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Aigua de Llum de Vall Llach.


Enric Costa wanted to plant in one of the wildest and most magical areas of his terrains-2000 vines of a variety which enchanted him: Viognier. After a patient wait of no less than six years, the same vines that once had a fragile, almost sickly aspect, finally gave their first grape. The entire team at the Celler was taken by surprise not only by the quality of the grapes once treated, but also by the originality of the flavours and aromas that they gave us as well.
It was fate who decided that when the Celler believed that moment had arrived in which to show these results, the Celler Vall Llach foundation had just happened to reach 10 years. Therefore, it was decided that this Viognier would be used to celebrate our tenth anniversary, giving way to the birth of Aigua de Llum. This is a collection which is not intended to be highly exploited commercially, but rather reserved for the friends of the Celler or passionate specialty collectors and only to be released for those vintages which the Celler deems exceptional. This bottle was dedicated to the poet Miquel Martí i Pol for his intimate relationship with Celler Vall Llach and in his memory we have named the wine after an excerpt from his poem entitled "Solstici


Cellar Vall Llach was founded at the beginning of the 1990s by the singer Lluís Llach and the notary Enric Costa in Porrera, one of the nine villages in the south of Catalonia that together form the Qualified Designation of Origin (D.O.Q.) Priorat.
Vall Llach, Idus de Vall Llach and Embruix of Vall Llach are the names of its three wines, and the celler – celler is Catalan for winery – introduced its first vintage to the market at the end of the year 2000. Since its inception, the cellar’s processes and their application have been governed by rigid adherence to two guiding principles: rigour and quality.

Cellar Vall Llach is fortunate in possessing a selection of magnificent old estates – the so-called trossos – whose 60- to 90-year old Cariñena and Garnacha vines assure an exclusive must for its wines. The produce of these stocks is complemented by the careful purchase of grapes from farms selected for their quality from amongst the oldest and most reputable of the Porrera and Torroja areas.
In the early 90s, with the strategy of further refining its wines, Cellar Vall Llach planted a number of vineyards with varieties that serve to embellish the traditional Garnacha and Cariñena of the trossos – principally the Merlot, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Syrah.

A balanced combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology is strictly applied to all of the creative processes that culminate in the wine you drink: cultivation, harvesting, fermentation, maceration, pressing, ageing and bottling.


Focussing on quality over quantity, Celler Vall Llach has firmly embraced a small-is beautiful ethos of microproduction for its vineyards and "trossos".

Consistent with this philosophy, the celler has imposed a ceiling on production and growth in order never to lose the personal and thorough supervision exerted over each stage of the process of wine making.

All this, and the unique character of Priorat allow us to offer you wines that Vall Llach hopes you will find fascinating and exclusive.


Old Vines.


Celler Vall Llach owns and rents a group of century-old estates, known to people from Priorat as the "trossos". 

Chosen from among the best in the area of Porrera and Torroja, they guarantee a grape which is extraordinary and exclusive to their wines. 

These old vines, chosen for the magnificent age of their stocks, are located in areas with highly enviable conditions due to their surroundings, wine-processing possibilities, hours of sunshine and height above sea level. Their slopes are impressive to the eye, preventing any kind of mechanized farming which forces an intimate and exclusive relationship with the wine grower.


New Vines.


In the early nineties, Celler Vall Llach started some new plantations intended to complete the Celler's wine producing possibilities: a group of estates with complex wine producing possibilities, ranging from gentle valleys to the highest peaks. 

Four basic varieties were chosen: Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The last three varieties are from outside the region and produce highly original results when combined with the unique personality of the Priorat. 

  • Añada 2018
  • Reference A011431801B5